Barefoot Fitness

The barefoot philosophy of simple, connected movement extends beyond our feet - fitness in its most fundamental form emerges from the interaction of mind, body and environment.

BAREFOOT FITNESS is a unique combination of challenging MOVEMENTS and MENTAL PUZZLES that you must answer with your whole BODY and MIND - you’ll re-discover the joy of whole body interaction in a PLAYFULL, progressive and sociable class.

OUTDOOR CLASSES are set in various wild locations on Dartmoor or on the South Devon beaches whilst INDOOR CLASSES provide an opportunity to deepen you understanding of you body and increase your capacity to move.

Indoor Classes

These run in 6 week blocks and are available in Exeter and Totnes

£60 per block (£10 per session)

Outdoor Classes

Session will be in various locations from Exeter and Totnes to Dartmoor and the South Devon beaches
Follow on social medial or call me for more info 07773 222297

£5 per session