Activation for Sport

Activation of the body is based upon an understanding of how our incredible adaptable movement systems can become compromised over time due to compensations and poor movement habits.

Whilst there are many reasons for this we can search out and in many cases reset these systems to run more efficiently - this process can be viewed in similar way to de-bugging a computer system where we reset the software to it’s factory settings - allowing a return to powerful, efficiency movement and allowing more rapid healing of chronic injuries and pain.

I primarily use 3 approaches to help you to restore movement function - Anatomy in Motion, NeuroKinetic Therapy and the Be-Activated method. These are not approaches that aim to “fix” you but rather help you free your own resources for healing and performance by identifying these bugs and giving you the tools to help yourself.

This is a whole body approach to re-setting the system that is a great place to start and can provide some really incredible performance boosts. It's an approach that really resonates with athletes and often leads to PBs and man of the match performances. Check out this article for a little more insight - Boost Your Fibre Power

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT)
NKT is a system of assessment and treatment designed to identify and prioritise glitches in our bodies movement systems which will allow for efficient and effective treatments which targets the root cause of an injury rather than simply treating the site of pain. When approached in this way treatments are usually shorter with faster results, and because of the central importance NKT places on motor control and re-integration into functional movement, it’s an approach that gives you the tools to continue to help yourself and remain injury free.

Anatomy in Motion (AiM)
AiM is the perfect compliment to NKT and is a simple yet precise movement methodology that helps the body restore the best possible options in an authentic way. This allows for the development of a very individual movement programme to facilitate efficient movement choices, accelerate recovery and free up resources for higher levels of fitness and performance.

Starter Package £150

2 hour assessment and initial treatment
2x 1 hour follow up sessions
Personal home exercise programme
FREE 15 minute Skype session

Additional Sessions £40

Treatment & Movement sessions are 60 minutes