Complex Human Movement

Human movement is an integrated and highly complex system of systems, yet we tend to rehabilitate and train as though it were a series of easily separated parts. By flipping this assumption and starting with a whole, fully integrate body, we can design movement programmes that are far more effective, enjoyable and work faster that traditional methods. Movement is the central element to athletic ability and rehabilitation - the aim of movement based training is to provide the athlete with the tools to develop an adaptable, resilient and responsive body that is uninhibited and can continue to function at a high level even as the demands and complexity increase.

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  • Athletic Movement Development - Sports Performance

    Athleticism is distinct from fitness in that it incorporates the whole body and its relationship to the environment in which it must perform. The ability to demonstrate a quality, say strength, in the gym does not necessarily mean that the same level of performance will carry over to the complexity of the competitive environment. At its core athleticism is the ability of the body to move in ways that allow you to negotiate specific, challenging and highly complex environments with confidence and precision.

  • Move Beyond Pain - Sports Injuries

    Pain can be a consequence and a cause of dysfunction in the body, and this is particularly the of chronic pain. A single restricted joint or past injury can cause a whole body adaptation/compensation that may result in pain many years later in a distant part of the body. With this understanding we can evaluate the body as a whole and begin to restore your freedom to move in its entirety, improving the ability of the whole system to function and provide a better environment for injuries to heal.